GET OUT, 2017

directed by Jordan Peele


This is a film which has some incredible scenes with the black people who are under the influence of the evil woman hypnotiser. For me, they were the most good-weird-acted and impressive moments in the film. Especially the woman who was the housekeeper. In all honesty, she is the one who stuck into my mind after watching this film. It all ends with the  brutal killing of the white people, which I think is very rewarding for a spectator who wants revenge, but for me it’s an easy script fix for the accumulated frustration and the racism of this nasty white family. The sinking dream-hypnotizing moments are  beautiful, breathtaking – and are actually tied with the trauma of the main character, from when he was a child, watching TV. I found the film very entertaining and thrilling and the main character had some moments when he was so touching in his performance.