Come And See, 1985

directed by Elem Klimov


This is a Russian film depicting war, and not only, in a very powerful way. It begins with moments of poetic film making. The characters talk about things like love, the future and war. These are big words and when you think about a film nowadays, it’s hard to imagine that when people just talk about these things, casually, the spectator would believe that dialogue. But this film is not about that. It is like a dream, one which is horrible and cruel, but at the same time, breathtakingly beautiful. Some parts of it are a bit difficult to ignore, as they resemble a little bit like Russian propaganda. But the power of the film and the vision that this director had, takes over this. The last act of the film is something which you will remember for the rest of your life, because it’s outstanding as a visual and cinematographic moment, but also because of the ideas, of the archive footage, of the poetry of suffering. It’s a film made with blood ant tears and it feels a bit strange to appreciate it so much, when discovering that animals were truly killed during the shooting, for realistic reasons. Nevertheless, this film is a beautiful vision and I strongly recommande it.